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Everything about Free Open Source Software and Linux. Including how-to tutorials and news.

Crypto Blog

All about Crypto! On this section new cryptocurrencies will be introduced and we will cover guides on how to use, mine and host nodes for these cryptocurrencies. This section will also include news and up-to-date price lists for these currencies.

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Duino Coin (DUCO) Mining

This article will contain instructions for mining Duino Coin (DUCO) You can mine Duino Coin with pretty much anything, we will cover all the possible ways to mine duino coin and explain what is efficient Read more…

Duino Coin (DUCO) Wallets

In this post we will introduce all Duino Coin (DUCO) Wallets Web Wallet Probably the most straight forward wallet to use, No installation required. This wallet works with browser and is really easy to use Read more…

Duino Coin (DUCO)

What is Duino Coin (DUCO)? and what does it offer? Duino Coin is a centralized digital currency with the focus on AVR Mining. DUCO has many great advantages over other cryptocurrencies, that includes: Easy To Use And Read more…

How to root WhatsMiner

In this post we will go trough the required steps to gain root access on WhatsMiner ASIC Miners. This Might work on other ASIC Miners, but overall do this at your own risk. Identifying The Read more…

Scala (XLA) Mining

In this post we will go trough the steps required in order to start mining Scala (XLA) Mining For Everyone Scala’s algorithm only allows CPU mining, even if someone could mine using GPU, it won’t Read more…